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Through our business operations on the world stage;we have set out to create new benchmarks in the heat treatment business, with specific focus on innovative technology, combined with Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD)...
Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturer & Supplier in Indonesia
Dowa Thermotech, a trusted name in the heat treatment technology and systems, has established its presence in Asia as Dowa Thermotech Ltd. Leading the way in the design and manufacture of heat treatment technology the Japanese major has dominated the market for over 40 years now.
Extending the useful life by efficient processing of metal materials is our core business strength and Our customers have benefited from our expertise . We have continued building smarter and superior technologies. The world’s leading automobile manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Yamaha, Nissan and Mazda have benefitted from our world-class quality.

Dowa High Temp Furnace in Indonesia


Dowa Thermotech Ltd.

Dowa Thermotech’s Asian operations offers a 75,000 sq ft furnace manufacturing facility set up to design and build advanced atmospheric heat treatment furnaces. The Commercial Heat Treatment Divisions, housed in a sprawling facility of around 600,000 sq. ft within the industrial clusters of India, will service Asian, American and European multinational companies like Timken, SKF, Bosch, TATA motors and many others.
As the undisputed leaders in the Atmospheric Heat Treatment Furnace systems and Commercial Heat treatment, Dowa Thermotech is proud of its achievement in the field of carburizing heat treatment facilities.

New Technologies

Dowa Thermotch is currently focusing on developing new technologies like the small continuous type furnace ( S- TKM). This technology will have the twin advantage of improving the productivity 3 times compared to earlier batch type furnaces and customer needs of high quality with the continuous type furnace.

Furnace Manufacturer & Supplier in Indonesia


New Products

Continous type nitriding furnace for continuously variable transmission ( CVT) parts and Carburizing furnaces that offer reduced environmental impact and energy conservation are some of Dowa Thermotech’s recently launched new products that are witnessing a surging demand.

Our Range of high performance industrial furnaces

    Our Integral Sealed Quench Furnaces incorporate a cast integral fan to ensure uniformity of temperature. These furnaces provide the option of using Endothermic gas, Nitrogen-Methanol or Fine Carburising Process.
    Our THN furnace provides a completely shielded environment for the work piece backed by a fully automatic operation. Parts are treated at a temperature lower than the A-1 transformation point in a mixed gas atmosphere consisting of ammonia and endothermic gas.
    Offer consistent production at low operating cost and includes data acquisition systems. Available in various capacities ranging from 50 to 400 kgs per hour.
AFC-Holcroft designed (Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing) CAAB® provides the most advanced and state-of-the-art technological edge for processing aluminum heat exchangers such as radiators, heater cores, condensers, evaporators, charge air and oil coolers.
Our Mesh Belt Continuous Conveyor furnace systems are specifically designed to cater to a wide range of heat treatment applications, with 1600 kgs per hour processing and a tension free belt drive design. They are available for both atmospheric and non atmospheric processes such as Hardening, Carburising, Carbonitriding, Washing, Annealing, Tempering, Isothermal Annealing and Stress Relieving.
Our Decarb Annealing & Blueing furnace is the outcome of a special design based on advanced Japanese technology for the conversion of non Silicon steel as lamination for motor stators and rotors.
Our Endothermic Gas Generators feature a unique soot-free control system with an excellent reputation for trouble-free operation. Endothermic Gas Generator creates an atmosphere to provide a positive pressure in a heat treating furnace and a platform to formulate the carburizing environment.
At Dowa Thermotech we ensure customer delight through:
  • Regular quality audits of products and services
  • Sustained emphasis to guarantee consistent quality
  • Compliance to meet customer and Statutory requirements
Quality certifications
Our manufacturing facilities in Asia are accredited with various quality certifications:
Japan – JQA
Bangalore – ISO:9001-2000, AS 9100 Rev. B, ISO14001:2004 & NADCAP
Pune – ISO:9001-2000
Gurgaon – ISO/TS 16949:2009 & ISO14001:2004
Chennai – ISO/TS 16949:2009
For more information, contact:
PT. Dowa Thermotech Indonesia
Jln. Maligi VI Lot G-4 Kawasan Industri KIIC,
Sukaluyu,Telukjambe Timur,
Karawang, Jawa Barat
Indonesia 41361